BFC-Creations Project Contest - #3

Wall Hangings/Pictures - June, 2004


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Entry 1 - Barbara Zitzer


This is a pattern called "In Love With Lace" by Sharon Rexroad. You use six 8" doilies to complete the project. I gave this to my mother-in-law for Mother's Day this year. It is hanging in her front entryway and she loves it.

Entry 2 - Jo-Ann Ferra



"I gave this to my mom for mothers day. The designs are from Purple Hat called Delft tiles.
Each square (approx 4x4) is embroidered, then sewn together to make the whole, like a jigsaw puzzle.
I did it in tradition delft colors of blue but also plan to do another with different colors just to see how it looks."

Entry 3 - Linda Siska THIRD PLACE


"This wall-hanging was machine appliqued, embroidered, and quilted. It's an original design based on elements taken from U is for Unicorn by Eileen Campbell. It was created as a going-away gift for a dear friend of mine."

Entry 4- Corkie Wolf

"The chairs were all done with scraps of fabric. I outlined them by hand with 6-strand embroidery floss. Also used floss for the saying across the top. They were machine outline quilted. Wonder how many voters can remember chairs like this when they were growing up."

Entry 5 - Sue Dunlap



"This wallhanging is called Morning Stars."

Entry 6 - Doris in TN

I made a 3 block wall hanging because I couldn't find AFFORDABLE similar lace for a larger project. (I have finished 24 blocks embellished with a variety of eyelet lace.) This enjoyable project was made from "Fans & Flutterbys" - a Quilt in a Day book. The most challenging thing about this project was finding AFFORDABLE suitable trim for the fans. The book suggested piping, wide ric rac or lace. Each block requires 18 inches of trim for fan and handle. I chose to embellish the edge of my fans with trim and the fan handle with decorative stitching to reduce the amount of trim required. I also selected contrasting fabric for side and corner triangles. The entire background is stipple quilted and each fan blade is stitched in the ditch. I have included a scan of the back sew you can see the quilting. Thanks to Suz for sponsoring these contests.

Entry 7 - Jean Lloyd

One of my first machine applique wallhangings. I purchased the pattern at a quilt shop in Jonesborough, Tennessee.. This was a fairly quick and fun project to make.."

Entry 8 - Jozel

"This bell-pull style wall hanging was shown to me in my local embroidery club. I used their saying, but found the pictures I liked better to match the sayings. It hangs in my kitchen as a welcome to everyone who enters.

Entry 9 - Nancy Malsack


I have a wallhanging made for my son (the picture is of him after a concert with myself) .
When I asked him what he wanted for Christmas last Dec. , he replied " Mom, the only thing I want is something YOU made". With both of us in the music field, I decided to design this wallhanging with the embroidered saying by the German author, Auerbach, "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life". The spotlights at the top were digitized by my daughter ,Gail Alston, and the picture frame was a freebie from Martha Turner, who was kind enough to resize it for me.

Entry 10 - Peggy Bowe


the designs were purchased from Birdhouse Cottage Crafts from her 'Sweet Pea Wallhanging' design set. Each block is mach. embroidered & then sewn together to create the 'Sweet Pea' vines inside the oval shaped border. then I added the outside fabric with batting in between & put matching Sweet Pea buds & vines in each corner to coordinate with the center.I made it as a wall-hanging for my mom, but she is actually using it as a throw because in her small apartment she doesn't have any place really to hang it on the wall

Entry 11 - Kathy Kamrath


I bought this VW fabric not knowing what I would do with it. Then I found the pattern for the VW Bugs! I made this wallhanging in honor of all the Volkswagen bugs that my husband owned in his early years. The closeup is a tribute to the one he was driving when we started dating-- The '68 White Bug!! I haven't found a place to hang it yet--- it is really colorful!!! It was a fun project, and I am so happy to be able to share it here with everybody.

Entry 12 - Linda True


I have attached several photos of ONE (22" x 9.5") wall hanging. The designs came from Amazing Designs - Northwoods Whimsy. I did patchwork around each square and then stippled the entire hanging. I finished it by surging the edges and then adding narrow black bias binding.

Entry 13 - Pat Akers-Shink


The quilt wallhanging was done awhile ago when I saw it demonstrated on Alex Anderson's quilting show. It is seasonal but I leave it up all year.

Entry 14 - Roxanne LaChance

Here is my wedding wallhanging. It tells a story about our wedding which was in Kauai, Hawaii. It starts in the upper left and right corners which show us in the beautiful landscape, ocean scenes and areas of our gorgeous hotel. We were so thrilled to stay in the same hotel Elvis & Priscilla stayed in when they got married. They filmed a lot of the movie Blue Hawaii at our hotel. I understand they also filmed some of Fantasy Island there. The lower left shows our marriage in the Fern Grotto and the lower right shows our return. We had to boat there and back. They sang the Hawaiian Wedding song while we stood by the waterfall in the Grotto. It was awesome. I still cry today when I see our video showing all the beauty there.

Since our wedding was all outdoors, I wanted a wallhanging to give people the feeling of looking out of windows to see our wedding. I transferred each picture on fabric and computer designed my own layout for the pictures so you get the feeling of looking left out the windows when you look left and right out the windows when you look right with one center window for our 8 x 10. I used some lace, buttons and the cuffs from my dress to adorn certain parts of the wallhanging. I also photo transferred our marriage certificate and hand stitched it to the back of the quilt. The miters, 4x4 cuts and photo placement on the wallhanging were critical for it's final outcome.

Entry 15 - Connie Madden


a picture of a bride and groom

Entry 16 - Elinor J Mesch

When I first got my machine I didn't do any digitizing and someone told me about Jen Taylor on Artista-adventures and I joined and learned from the group. Later she had lessons and after the first year she had a contest. I entered the beginners contest and won first and second with my designs. These are the pictures that I digitized. I stitched them on gold lame in the Giant hoop on the Artista 180e. My husband was so proud of me that he made the frame for them. It hangs in our kitchen.

Entry 17 - Sharon Schlenker


the name of the wall hanging is HENS IN HEELS. A boughten pattern from local craft store.

Entry 18 - Shirley FIFTH PLACE



This "landscape" wallhanging was made using several techniques. It has cut and appliqued folliage and flowers, machine embroidered designs, and freemotion stippling. This foliage and flowers were randomly cut from various fabrics, then fused and stitched to the background fabric. I also cut the tulip leafs from green fabric I had on hand. The bunnies and hummingbird were machine embroidered. I used metallic thread to stipple the background but the photo really doesn't show the stippling very well.

Entry 19 - Carol Abrams

This started out to be a crib quilt, but the girl I made it for, thought it was too nice to actually use. Duh! Anyway, its hard to see from the photo, but I have blanket stitched around each of the squares.Not being a quilter, this is one of my first attempts and I was happy. It gives me incentive to try other hangings.

Entry 20 - Carmen Landstrom

I'm sending you my pride and joy, photos of my wall hanging made entirely from 2x2 squares, half-squares and quarter squares. All fabrics have stars in them, with the exception of the red (some of them are starred). It was machine quilted, using Sulky silver Sliver Thread, made some templates for the true 5-pointed stars, then decided that I could fill in some of the background with the type stars we used to make without moving the pencil from the paper. The pictures should be rotated (if you know how to do it) so that the large red star has its points at the bottom of the hanging. It will make the points of the star as well as fill in the saw-toothed border show better. This hanging measures 40x48 inches.

Entry 21 - Betty Morgan

I would like to submit it to the Wall hanging area and I call it " My Funkie Little Family " Now if this isn't a good name, then you may change it, if you like..I don't mind at all. Entering this just for fun..These are all freebies that I have DL and thought I'de do something with them.

Entry 22 - Margaret Kennedy

This is my recently completed butterfly quilt. There are 16 different butterflies, each in a 6" finished square. Overall size is approximately 40" x 40". It is freehand machine quilted with stippling around each butterfly and in the border. All the designs were free, most (if not all) from Ann the Gran. I enjoy making this type of sampler quilt because I can use a lot of different designs.

Entry 23 - Phyllis Smith

This is a wallhanging that I made.It is a picture of one of our beautiful lighthouses in Nova Scotia.

Entry 24 -Sharon McKay SECOND PLACE

This is one of those projects where you
start off with sort of an idea of what your going to do and end up designing
it as you go. I had never done machine applique so I did the sunbonnets in
the center to try it and ended up doing the six machine embroidery bonnets
to go with it. The rest is just putting it altogether.


Here is my redwork baby wallhanging or quilt. I used the outlines only of the sunbonnet sue designs from annthegran to make it a redwork design, and another free design for the white section. The wallhanging/quilt turned out awesome and was fun to create. My cousin's wife loves it.

Entry 26 - Sherilyn FOURTH PLACE

This is an appliqué quilt pattern by Mckenna Ryan(www.pineneedles.com) I then added some embroidery samples I had. I am not sure where they came from as I didn't keep good records when I got them, except for the bunny. The bunny is from Marie at Chico Creations. I made it to hang above my fireplace

Entry 27 - Laurie L. Limongelli

This design is from Embroidery Library and just felt she was too beautiful to stick on something to wear.

So I have done her only in a frame. She has been very popular this way.

Entry 28 - w j thompson FIRST PLACE

This wall hanging is called "The Annual Snowball Fight". I did it just for fun with free designs and a few of my own. The poem is an original.

Entry 29 - Kathy Stoessner

this is a wall hanging I just finished for my sister's birthday on Wednesday. (This contest helped make sure it got done on time....lol)

I used five embroidery designs and then added a layer of batting between the front and back. I also appliqued the big blocks onto the viney background for contrast.


"This is a watercolor landscape wallhanging made of 3 sizes of squares with some over-dyed fabrics and a hand-dyed backing. It is bound with two different fabrics and no borders. It is free-motion quilted following shapes of the flowers, grasses, water, etc. (see photo 2)."


Entry 31 - Jill Middleton

The quilt was inspired by a postcard I received by an e-mail quilting friend living in Wellington, NZ.
This is a window, on a building especially designed using NZ maori culture but to be a place for All.
The tiles at the side had blue and green markings and I searched EVERYWHERE for material like this but i they ALL had some GREEN where the dyes had blended.
So I lifted out my folk art paints and bought some fabric medium. It is not as subtle as I intended but I am very happy with my 1st fabric painting project.

Entry 32 - Janet Young

This is a Memorey quilt I made for my daughter who was on deployment with the army. I looked after her daughter who is 6yrs old. We gave it to her when she got home. There is a picture of my daughter and granddaughter in the centre and lots of photos of them around it. I did crazy patchwork, used laces and embroidery on it.

Entry 33 - Donita Bunger

This is my first quilting project, it is a growth chart for my 4 and 6 year old. I did colors that would match the hands on their wall and let them pick the vehicles.

Entry 34 - Beverly Neilson

There are four pictures. The fourth one is of a corner of the back with the label I put on it. This was made for my secret sister as a wall hanging. She has started doing her front room with Egyptian decorations and knowing how fond she is of the different designs, and had once mentioned wanting a quilt to hang, I thought this would be perfect for our revealing evening. For once, I saw her speechless, almost near tears. It was worth every effort to do this, I know how much she appreciates it and had to get pictures so I could submit it.

Entry 35 - Bonnie Robertson

... a crosss stitch that I made of a design from Stoney Creek, "1941 Indian Motorcycle". It is of course for my Husband, who is Harley crazy. I used the cross stitch program from Husqvarna. I had to split the design into two hoopings, 30+ color changes and use the Sulky invisable thread in the bobbin to keep from building up a lot of thread. Took about 6 tries to get everthing correct. But now I am happy that I did it.

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