My Zip Files are Corrupt or Invalid

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When you download the zip files from the internet and try to unzip them (extract, uncompress) you may get an error message saying the files are invalid or corrupt. Files that are downloaded from the internet can be corrupted during the download process due to many reasons. All it takes is one byte of data to be missing or misplaced to corrupt the zip file.

If this happens delete the zip file that is giving you the error message, Empty your browser's cache (In Internet Explorer go to Tools/Internet Options/ General tab and click the button that says. "Delete Files". Close the browser then click the links in the email you received from BFC-Creations to download the zip files.

Some programs that claim to do many different things with embroidery designs rarely do them all well. There are programs such as Buzz Tools and others that may have limits on the size of zip files they can unzip, extract decompress. Some programs will only unzip files that have embroidery formats in them and ignore other files such as pdf and Word documents. When downloading the zip files always click on "SAVE" and not on "OPEN"

If you use one of these programs and still get invalid file messages I suggest you download a zip program, such as 7zip from 7zip.Org . This is a free program that we use to zip all of our files. We have never had a problem with it.

IF this does not solve your problem click here.
This link will take you to a Microsoft support document.

AFTER you have tried the above solutions and you still receive error messages reply to the email you received from BFC-Creations leaving all of the content in tact so we can see what you ordered. If this is not done you will not receive an answer in a timely fashion. Yes we have a database with all the information in it and we can look it up but it takes a tremendous amount of time to do that. So do us and yourself a favor by leaving the links information in the email you send to us. It will be greatly appreciated.