South America

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  • A Rose Window is any Stained Glass window divided into segments around a circular center. The term is most often used for Gothic Architecture, but is also used more widely. This Rose Window is from the Presidential Palace in Peru.

    Fred wanted me to tell everyone that he stitched and finished this Window himself! He had never used a sewing machine and he had to admit it wasn't hard at all when he was finished. His comment was *if I can do it, anyone can!*.

    The design to the left of the Peruvian Rose Window in the image is BFC0501 Art Nouveau Stained Glass Peacock

    FINISHED SIZE (diameter)

    Medium: 15.4 inches, Large 18.6 inches, Jumbo 24.2 inches

    4 Designs each in 3 Sizes MLJ Check Sizes

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    < Free design is the last image on the left.
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