Last summer whenwe were having so much trouble, I had all the metallic thread brought to my home.  I couldn't deal with it at the time, but I knew prices for metallic thread were going to skyrocket and I wanted to offer our metallic for a decent price.  I've finally been able to sort through it see what we had and have created a set of all available colors.  Because it is only Rick (part time) and myself, we can't afford at this time to hire someone to handle individal cone sales.  If we did that, we would have to drastically increase the price. 

We've had rave reviews about our metallic thread as it seldom breaks!  I've created a design using some of they colors in this set - The Metallic Steampunk Butterfly. 

BFC Machine Embroidery Thread

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BCTC-BTC02 Poly Thread Chart
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METSET-013 METSET-013 Metallic Thread Set Only 7 left in stock
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