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Summery Quilt Blocks

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Blocks are $1 each per size until they change every other day!
The first $1 block went up about 8-9 am (all times are Eastern US time zone) Tuesday and will stay that price for about 48 hours. At about 8-9 am Thursday it will be $3 and will be replaced by the second $1 design until about 8-9 am Saturday and so on.
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The blocks will be $3 each when new ones go up.
Click here or the image below to view the current design
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New Single!
I want my Bananas!  
Monkeys of all ages are fascinating, but boy are the babies cute! This little guy is so hungry he's eating the tree!
New Single!
Dapper Macaw  
A little bit hipster, a little bit gentlemen, this macaw is sure to attract attention.
New Single!
Sally King's Kokopelli  
I was so excited when Sally sent me her latest shoe! She did research on Kokopelli and also checked the figures and even pigments used on totem poles! In addition to the whimsy of her designs, I love the detail she adds.
Now a Set! Intro Price!
17th Anniversary Designs 2020  
We first offered these designs free for a limited time during our 2020 Anniversary Celebration. If you missed them you can now buy the set either complete (48 designs) or just one size (12 designs). Try these designs in any group of colors!
12 Designs each in 4 sizes SMLJ

New Single!
I Can See You  
Animals (in this case a Rooster) can have wonderful and at times can have very comic expressions. This Rooster seems to be peeking through the window say "Yes I can see you". This design would be perfect in a kitchen setting as every kitchen could use a bit of lightheartedness.
New Single!
Jamila means *Beautiful* and this lady certainly is!

New Set!    
Rectangular Frames  
9 Designs
Check the page to learn how to get a free design of your choice.

Our other framesets,
All have 9 designs each:
Circle Frames    
Square Frames         
Oval Frames         
You can use these designs to create rectangular,  ovals, squares, and circles of different fabrics for placemats, pockets, or coasters. As long as your design fits inside the hoop, you can use it to make your designs QIH (Quilt in the Hoop). The designs go from a 4-inch frame to a 12-inch frame.
Special Intro Price!
Embellished Colorful Butterfly  
Butterflies in any form are always great designs. This decorative, very colorful one comes in 4 sizes. Read below about the commercial size.
New Single!
Surfing Gnome  
Summer is approaching and who would like a cool surfing Gnome on their T-shirt. A perfect design for the summer.
New Single!
Anyone See My Tree?  
Tree frogs really do live in trees! Their padded feet make climbing easy for them. They come in many bright colors! Many of them lay their eggs on a leaf hanging over water. When the eggs hatch, the tadpoles are dropped into the water where they will mature and go on land to find trees.
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