Color Charts

Mar 9, 2023

We have started a new series: The Feline Zodiac.  The first sign, Sagittarius is on the site.  I'll be putting two  more Felines up this Friday.
I want to talk about our color charts.  I print our chart with an image actual size.  These can be cut out and used to decide on how to place a design.  It is very handy if you want to make a wall quilt or similar project with several designs.  You can place your cut out designs until you like the arrangement.  Then, most color charts have the center point marked, so just put a mark on your fabric so you will know where to hoop to do that design.
And I can't talk about color charts without mentioning that if there is a file in your downloads - get it! :)  It has the color charts and also any instructions, patterns or templates.