Embroidery Glitter is a fantastic product you can use in so many ways. It can be used in any applique design to add lots of bling and sparkle. You can also fuse it directly onto fabric without any stitching to hold it down. For example, cut a random shape, fuse it and stitch a favorite design. Or cut small shapes - circles (with a paper punch) or stars and add them to the background of your embroidery project. It has give so you can use it on items like T-shirts without worrying about cracking. Glitter is also great for Paper crafts! The Embroidery Glitter fuses beautifully to paper for great Christmas cards. Fuse a piece of one of the translucent colors and stitch your message on top. Or cut a strip of the opaque Glitter to fuse onto the edge of the card. Once fused to fabric, Embroidery Glitter projects can be washed in the washer and dryer!

Embroidery Glitter

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