From Suz

Hello everyone! Welcome to BFC. There are always things I wish I had an easy way to let you know about.  It might be the benefits of BFC, how BFC works, what a design can be used for, etc.  I don't plan them in any order, but I will organize them when there are quite a few entries. Please don't hesitate to contact me with the contact form if you have something you would like discussed here!

2/26/21  On Feb. 5 we had a poll in our IO group about what type of Steampunk designs people like most.  I have started working on that list and will have at least two new ones for you a week from next Tuesday.  If there are particular types of Steampunk you would like to see, please email me at or use our contact form to let me know.  You might see your suggestion on the site!

2/22/21  I just got our weekly Search Report and I can help with some of those that didn't get results.  I see a lot looking for things like *927, 661, 321....etc*.  In our old system We had Item numbers with 3 digits and some with 4 digits.  It made creating reports difficult,etc.  So when we got out new system, since we had to enter everything new anyway, I added a 0 in front of those items with only 3 digits.  So, 927 became 0927.  To find these designs, you need to add the zero when searching.  

2/16/2021  Our new set today, BFC1976 A Touch of William Morris - Poppies will have a companion design this coming Friday, BFC1977 A Touch of william Morris - Tulips.  This pair would make a welcome addition to your bedroom or perhaps porch to welcome spring.  Art Nouveau never goes out of style and always has beautiful colors. 

2/12/2021  When looking for designs, always be on the lookout for sets you can use in several different ways.  An example is a 60% off set in our Fantasy and Whimsy Corner: BFC1839 Amy in Wonderland.  Kids always love little books and this is super easy to make.  It is also great to create stories with your young ones. You get all the designs individually - 22 in 3 sizes so you will have lots of little fun designs to add to children's clothing, toys, etc.  And lastly you will have full instructions to make an easy book you can use with other designs!

02/10/2021 Now is the time to stock up on 1000m cones at 52% off.   That's only $1.32 a cone!  To make sure you have all the colors for some of the designs you've purchased, just print out the thread list or color chart, put the color number ( you don't need the BFC) in the search box and it will come up and you can buy it right there.  Much quicker than going to the thread pages and scrolling through.  Though the pages can be fun if you just want to see what colors you just have to have!
If you find some of your designs have colors we no longer carry, you can print out the substitute list from this page
Have fun filling out your thread stash!

02/05/2021  Our Steampunk Corner was extremely popular so I decided to conduct a poll in our IO group. I chose 16 different types of Steampunk (women, animals, alphabet, etc) so I could get an idea what would be most popular.  Well - each type got almost the same votes within 1 or 2.  LOL I'm not sure if I'm further ahead.  :) So I would like to ask any of you that are really into Steampunk, what types of designs would you like?  You can send me your ideas through the contact form. 

01/30/2021  It's hard to believe the first month of 2021 is almost gone!  I wanted to talk a little about Accounts on our site today.  I know it's often a nuisance to set up accounts everywhere, but there are a lot of benefits to ours.  The first is you get 50 reward points just for setting it up,  These can be used to take $5 off an order. (You can read how reward points work by clicking on REWARDS on the top menu bar.  Secondly, the links for all the designs you purchase or download for free are in your account as long as you log in first before purchasing. This can come in really handy if you have a computer crash, or buy a new machine and need a different format! Your account keeps track of your newsletter subscriptions and if you desire you can save one or more credit cards in your account to make checking out easier. 

01/28/2021  I'm adding sequins and beads as i get them sorted and packaged.  They are all at 50% or more off normal retail! Because they are very low in weight, it's easy to add one or more packages when you order thread without increasing the shipping.  And they are great for embellishing your embroidery.  There will be more posted over the next week.

01/26/2021 Today is about something in BFC that gets more questions and complaints than anything else!  We've put notices all over, but I'm still getting many messages a week.  It is an answer to *aren't there any instructions?* or *don't you supply color charts?* We always supply color charts and 95% of the time some kind of instructions.  These files are kept in the file.  When you receive your links for your designs, most times there will be a link for each format and the file.  Always download the file.  Occasionally because the zip files are small or in the case of single designs, the color charts will be zipped with designs.