Loyalty Rewards

Over the past months we have looked closely at our discounts, etc.  It seems that the consensus is that the new *Corners* are very popular.  They give a higher discount that the reward points.  Because we can't keep both programs, we are going to end the Loyalty Reward Program.  You will no longer earn reward points on any purchases.  

But we will keep the ability to redeem points until June 30, 2022.  You can use points for up to 50% of the purchase price for any design or set that is not already on sale. First, you need to be signed in to your store account. If you accrued enough reward points for a discount, the store will automatically calculate the discount for you upon checkout. You can adjust the maximum number of reward points you wish to spend on the order on the cart page.Customers get $0.10 discount for every redeemed reward point.

Thank you for participating in our Loyalty Reward program and we will work on bringing you other exciting options!