Thank you, everyone, for your participation in our thread sale! 
I appreciate your patience as shipping is still behind. But I've been getting emails requesting we put the thread back on sale. 

Orders from today forward will not be shipped until all current orders are on their way. 

If you look up your order, do not be concerned if it lists fewer cones than you purchased. This was a software-user glitch. We go by the amount you paid, not the number of cones now listed.  

Depending on the number of orders, the thread will remain on sale unless the sale needs to be paused to let us get caught up on shipping again.  
200 colors of BFC Poly 1000 meter thread

It is with great sadness I make this announcement. I have to discontinue carrying thread. 
A lot has gone into making it impossible for me to continue it. 
I will continue to offer designs and embellishments. 
Because I want you to continued... The Final Thread 

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