Thread Subscriptions

Thread subscriptions are a fun, easy way to accumulate products for your stash.  These are for 1000m cones of thread.  We currently have two choices available.  We have chosen the quantity of cones for each of these programs based on  minimizing shippping costs.   

1.  Receive 8 cones of 1000m thread every 30 days. 20% discount over regular price of thread

2.  Receive 22 cones of 1000m thread every 30 days. 25% discount over regular price of thread. 

Shipping will be added at checkout time according to where you live. 

4 days before you will be charged for the next shipment you will receive an email.  If you need to stop the program  just send me an email.  If I don't hear from you, you will be charged automatically and we will ship that months shipment. Points are not available to purchase our subscriptions, but you receive points on the purchase amount.  You need to use and save a credit card to participate in the subscriptions. 


If you scroll down to the bottom of the home page,you will see shipping.  It is all based on weight.  To see the rates for you, the 8 cones weight .56 pounds and 22 cones weigh 1.54 pounds.