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White Satin Roses  
Our white roses are created mainly with Satin Stitch. This gives the roses more sheen and they seem to stand on top of the fabric. The white spray will be pretty if up behind one of the Rose designs. Or if using the roses for something like a set of lingerie bags, use the last two designs for the smaller bags or pockets.

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Louisiana Crawfish  
It is known variously as the red swamp crayfish, Louisiana crawfish, or mudbug. I think I like Louisiana Crawfish best! Louisiana produces 100 million pounds of crawfish per year. No wonder our little crawfish has a superiority complex. :)
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Decorative Animal Corner  
Thread Corner   
60% OFF is a GREAT deal.
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Wild Cats Corner  
Thread Corner   
60% OFF is a GREAT deal.
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I Love to Read  
The joy of reading is an important part of many people's lives and an activity that needs to be encouraged. It stimulates the imagination and helps focus. Here are some fun designs that would be perfect gifts for your children or grandchildren.

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Lots of Floral Ornaments  
A total of 72 designs to use individually where you need *just a little something* or group them in various ways.  The first three hoops show the 18 designs in the 2 in high size.  The next two hoops take two of the designs and show the 4 sizes for each.  I used variegated thread to stitch these.  And the screenshot shown next gives an example of creating a border with the designs using the 2 inch size of one and the 4 inch size of the other.

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Sheer Art Deco Quilt Blocks  
Sheer designs are great for quilts. They stitch quickly and they stay nice and soft. And a Bonus, also a *freebie for you to download on page*

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Embellished Ostriches  
This adorable pair show the sweet side of young ostriches. :) They would look good in just about any color. Add a few crystals to really make them pop!
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