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2/16/24  I will be starting our next scene today :) 

2/17/24  A good start - I love working with these colors.  Because you can't blend colors with embroidery as you can with paint, you have to use fewer color changes when you create the embroidery.  I loaded quite a few oranges and yellow into my software and experimented with the different sections in the sky.  I created the sky first, then tried different colors until I was happy with the result.  As more of the picture is done I might change them some more. 


After posting my image and comparing it to the painting below, I will probably add some more darker orange to the top of the sky.  The goal is to balance the colors in an embroidery.  This helps create depth as you look at the finished project. 

02/20/24  I've added some more detail items - trees, a rock and parts of the two figures.  




Here is a possibility for another Water Bird scene: 




2/2/24 I have started (barely) the Gorgeous Spoonbill above.  I'm going to post pics as I go along.  Some of you might be interested in how i go about doing a realistic or complex design.  No matter what the subject matter is, if there is an eye in it I always do the eye(s) first.  I think I like them looking back at me as I work (LOL) plus the whole design can be affected by the eye.  Then I do some small parts of other sections.  Everything might be changed as i go along - i think of it as sketching in the design.  I have started that with the Spoonbill.  I will post my progress daily here! Spoon1.jpg

2/3/24 I've been working a little more on my Spoonbill. I have more of the bird blocked out and the legs might be the final version. I added the top of a small tree and lots of bits of feathers.  I might have to choose slightly different shades for the feathers since so far the demarcation seems too dramatic to me.  but changing colors of sections is easy. That is usually my final step when i have the whole design done.  I have a question.  There is a lot of background on this design.  I wondering if I should choose a similar color of fabric (s) or digitize the whole design?  I would really  like feedback on this because it can apply to a lot of different designs. I'm concerned it might be difficult to find a good color fabric. 


2/11/24   I've been very busy trying to clear out all the thread but finally found some time to work on our Spoonbill!  I'm folloing the colors in the painting, but I'm going to make the design so you can choose a decorative fabric instead of doing all the background stitching.  You can also totally change the look by using blue shades for the sky and water. 



Here is another possibility for a scene - again the colors are gorgeous and the theme is something you don't see that often in embroidery. Again - please feel free to leave any comments.


The Seagull Scenes are now complete and can be purchased here:

You can purchase the Spoonbill herte: