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  • Though these can be used as is, they are also perfect as the backdrop for something.  Buttons are very popular now as a craft item, and these circles are perfect for adding a group of buttons with maybe a bead or two!  (or just beads) You can also add other designs or initials.  I can picture adding a free standing lace flower or butterfly too.  I haven't finished off the edges of my sample because I might add another row of blocks :) 

    We've our Variegated Thread on sale so you can really have fun with these designs! 

    12 Design  4 sizes SMLJ  Total of 48 designs! (in the complete set)

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  • Ablaze with color this wall hanging will bring summer's glory into your home or into a gift for someone special. It can be framed as a window picture as illustrated below, but would also look stunning done with black sashing as stained glass.

     The medium set of designs will make a picture (without any borders added) 15"x20" and the large, 17.5"x23". 

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