Ornaments & Suncatchers

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  •  Mandalas span many cultures. They are sacred symbols used for centuries to represent *universe* or *wholeness*. The concept is to use geometric or decorative images to draw the eye to the center of the design. These designs can be used many ways. In addition to the basic 12 designs, you also receive a satin stitch border you can use with the Mandala and 3 smaller, one color versions. You can see all the designs by clicking on *Check Sizes* below.
    You will receive a document that describes how I made the projects shown. These designs can be stitched on regular fabric or on one layer of Organza as I did for the Sun catchers. You can also create variations by stitching just some of the color stops. Eliminate all but the last stop for a one color design. Or eliminate just some colors as I did for the design on the front of the jacket.

    PLEASE NOTE: This set comes in Medium, Large and JUMBO (for hoops 8x8 and above)

    Jacket made from *Keshy Jacket* pattern from Wildly Wonderful Wearables A great pattern to embellish!

    6 Designs each in 3 Sizes MLJ Check Sizes

    < Free design is the last image on the left.
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  •  More designs by the *Stained Glass Fairy*, Chantal.
    These designs can be used as Sun Catchers as shown. They are much more translucent than the photos indicate as we couldn't find much sun that day! They would also make great coasters for a summer party. You get the Sun Catchers with designs and also a blank one that you can use to add your own designs. In addition, each freestanding design has a matching fabric design. The blank stained glass pattern has a version to stitch on fabric that you can use as a frame to many of your designs. There are a total of 13 designs in this set including both the Freestanding and Fabric designs for each of the Sun Catchers. You will receive instructions which lists all the designs and their purpose and how to make the Sun Catchers. The detail designs would look great dotted on a summer tablecloth or placemats. 

    13 Designs each in 3 sizes SML Check Sizes

    Free Design - Click to Download 




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  • 4 designs 4.2" x 5.1"

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