There is now a new RGB text file available in CONVERSION CHARTS.  The colors in this file match the new Thread chart. 

Choose from 351 colors of BFC Poly Machine Embroidery Thread! 

During thread sales BFC Thread Kits and BFC Thread Sets are not included unless specifically noted. The cones in these Kits and Sets are already discounted by being in the kit or set. Reward points are generally not allowed due to the already reduced price of the thread but you will earn points for all thread purchases. 

When we first started selling our own brand, BFC, machine embroidery thread we took two things into consideration.  One was the Admelody colors we had been using in our designs and colors that Fred and I wanted that weren’t in Admelody.  We’ve been working with these colors for several years and we would like to add additional colors.  But since our inventory is already so large with 330 colors, we looked to see if we could eliminate any colors.  We have found 30 pairs of colors that are almost identical.  Here is a substitution chart you can use.  Revised May 2, 2019 The Substitution Chart you can download  shows the colors Being Retired on the left and the color to substitute on the right.