Angelina Fibers are sheer, sparkly and iridescent and everything us crafters love!

They can be heat bonded to themselves or to Angelina Film to create more colors and effects. Easily use it for free standing lace, appliques and free motion Art Quilts. Once you start using it, you will find more and more opportunities to add lots of Bling! There are free tutorials and design to give you some ideas on the home page.
Straight Cut Fibers - these are smooth fibers that lay flat very nicely. They tend to show one color with some iridescent fire
Crimped Fibers - These are the same as the Straight cut except they have been *crimped* as if they were done with a tiny hair crimping iron. Because there are more surfaces, they tend to really sparkle.
Metallic Fibers - these can be either Straight Cut or Crimped


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