Delight Prescott-Spall’s interest in art began when she was only five years old when a friend of her mothers, who was an artist corrected a coloring book page where she had drawn accidently outside the lines by adding an additional rooster feather to the rooster. Suddenly, art became something magical that she wanted to learn. There were no advocates for her in becoming an artist. It wasn't something you did if you wanted to make money. It was only good as a hobby.  She had one year of art lessons at 13 learning charcoal, pastels, limited pallette oils, and full pallette oils. She majored in German and English and got the nerve to finally follow her dream at age 30.


Good friends helped her make the set up panels for her first show and got her started. Delight’s Fantasy Art features original paintings that incorporate many things in the fantasy realm: dragons, unicorns, fairies, mermaids, as well as her own quirky whimsy. Her ideas come straight from her imagination, that she forms into a sketch. She explains that if she likes the sketch enough that she then works to turn it into a painting through the following process.

After transforming her idea from mind to a pencil sketch, she scans the drawing into a computer using Photoshop. By using Photoshop, Delight is able to create a digital painting from the sketch, which she can then use as a template for the canvas. From here, the idea goes from digital. The digital piece is transferred to the paper or canvas for a colored pencil drawing or an original acrylic painting.

 Delight has been painting for over 66 years and has been running Delight’s Fantasy Art for 46 years. As a result, she finds it impossible to say which painting is her favorite since her goal is to simply “try and get better with each painting".

All Art remains copyrighted to Delight Prescott Spall. All designs remain copyrighted to BFC Creations.

You can view her art here:

Artist Delight's Fantasy Art

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