Fred Louis Smilde
8/27/68 - 8/16/2023
It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my son Fred.  Fred has been a part of BFC since the beginning from creating beautiful designs to running the warehouse and shipping orders. As my only child and a great friend. I love him dearly and will miss him more than I can express.

Fred Smilde is the definition of a well-rounded artist. Not only he is a contemporary artist, he also has a "Masters in piano performance from Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University. In his words: " During his Doctoral program "...amidst teaching and the good fortune of recording a CD, I decided it was in my best interest to leave. In October of 2008, after roughly 10 years of creative inactivity, I decided to paint. In the past 8 years I have found the challenges and problems one faces in the two mediums (music and painting) are the same though the technical means are different. One is faced with the utilization of space to make a comprehensible whole. So in many ways painting is just a continuation of my education."

Fred is my son and he returned to Rhode Island in 2004.  Until he found an apartment, he stayed with us and saw what I was doing.  He asked to try creating a design and has been a major part of BFC Creations ever since.  He also runs our warehouse and does all shipping.

We created this menu because many love his realism and use of shading and color.  But you will also see all of his designs in our various categories.

For those of you that might be interested in Fred's other talents, you can see his paintings at SAATCHI ART,  SINGULART Among many other sites that can be found by searching for Fred Smilde.  His own words for what he was seeking to accomplish in his art were  *Primarily I just try to organize space in an interesting way with the hope that in the end I can get some decent and meaningful pictures.*

For those of you interested in his music, there are some recordings on YouTube: FRANTZ LISZT, and ALEXANDER SCRIABIN

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