I love to browse art sites and in June of 2010 I discovered Sally's shoes on Redbubble.  I was in awe!!!  Fred was here and I remember calling him over and I could tell he wasn't that impressed.  LOL  But shoes are close to a woman's heart and such magical shoes spoke to all kinds of dreams and wishes.  I contacted Sally and a wonderful mutual business relationship and friendship soon followed.  And it seems many people like Sally's Shoes and other artwork as much as I do! I always look forward to her next creations so I can create them in thread. Also see Singles of Sally's Designs.

Sally lives in England and I picture her amongst the *Wyldewoods* as she has named her Pyrography. Mystical and Fairy beings must wait at every turn because only from them could Sally get such marvelous inspiration for her magical art.

Sally King Designs

You are allowed to use Sally's designs in items for sale as long as you credit Sally with the Art Work and BFC with the design. 


Artist Sally King Inspired Designs

Items: 166 of 113, per page
Items: 166 of 113, per page