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  • CCQ0612 -  Pineapple Appliqué -  5x7 (includes 3 sizes)

    A Fun Appliqué Pineapple that you can add to any item of your choosing, from a mugrug to a quilted panel . The cross hatch quilting on the pineapple body, is included on the design
    the Pineapple Applique is provided in three sizes - all three individual sizes fit within the 5x7 hoop
    01 = 2.2x4.7 inches, 02 = 2.8x5.9 inches, 03 = 3.2x6.9 inches


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  • CCQ0466 - Applique Rose 

    all individual appliqué design elements fit within the 5x7 hoop. 

    What is fun about this set is that you receive each appliqué element on its own.

    You can arrange them any way you want, in either small or large arrangements
    You can add your arrangements to
    - quilted squares, quilted rectangles, mug rugs, towel toppers, any quilted panel of your choice
    - a shopping tote
    - a cushion cover
    - a Jacket pocket

    The first arrangement shown was done using designs 1, 2, 3 and 4 , in case you like this arrangement, I included it as design 13 - it fits within the 150x240 hoop
    The second arrangement was done using designs 6, 7, 8 and 9, in case you like this arrangement, I included it as design 11 - it fits within the 5x7 hoop (please take note that the quilted background is not included in the set , it is merely the item I appliquéd the rose onto)

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