BFC32038 *Summer* the Highland Calf

*Summer* can make anyone smile!  Highland Cattle are becoming more and more popular for decoration.  So many people are falling in love with them!


BFC2185 Cats in Hiding

If you've ever had a cat you know they LOVE to hide in all kinds of places.  And of course, any box is open game!  There are two sizes that will fit a small (4x4) hoop and two larger sizes.


BFC32037 Pretty Kitty

A pretty kitty for many uses.  I've shown the Small and Medium sizes together so you can see the difference in the stitching.  The small is finer.  The Jumbo is a heavier stitch than both of these. He would fantastic with gems for eyes! 


BFC2182 The Feathernistas

The cats and dogs have attitude and the ducks are whacky - the birds wanted to show off too! These ladies take *Fashionista*  to a whole new level. 


BFC2179 Stained Glass Mystery Blocks 

Similar to Block of the month, see how to purchase our new Mystery blocks!  I tested the  first block with Angelina Film and I love the look!  Go to the page to see my experiment. :) PACK 3 is now available 


Crystal Aurora Borealis Angelina Film and 

Crystal Green Lightening  Angelina Film 

Sugar Plum Angelina Film and 

  Angelina is sheer, sparkly and iridescent and everything us crafters love! It can be heat bonded to itself to create more colors and effects. It can be stitched or heat stamped. Easily use it for free standing lace, appliques and free motion Art Quilts.



Fantasy and Whimsy Corner  



BFC32036 Sally King's Sugar and Spice  

What a great shoe!!!Not only gorgeous but it cooks!!!!

BFC2183 Dogs with LOTS of Attitude 1  

Dogs can show lots of attitude too!

 INTRO Pricing and a free design to download!


BFC2181 Cats with LOTS of Attitude 2

Here is our second batch of kitties with LOTS of  Attitude.  It's amazing how many expressions cats can have even though they can't smile, etc.  like us. INTRO Pricing and a free design to download!


  BFC32035 Sally King's Poinsettia

A great shoe for Christmas decorating or gifting! What lady could resist such a shoe? :) 



BFC2180 Cats with LOTS of Attitude 1

The first in our series of Cats and Dogs with attitude is now available! They are on INTRO PRICING of 20% off and there is a free design for you to download.


 Sally King's Walk on the Wild Side

BFC32033 Sally King's Walk on the Wild Side

I'm proud to announce we now have another of Sally's gorgeous shoes! 

INTRO PRICING and a free design for you to download. 


METSET-013 Metallic Thread Set

METSET-013 Metallic Thread Set

BFC32027  Metallic Steampunk Butterfly

BFC32027 Metallic Steampunk Butterfly



Susan Makalinaw ,