BFC32035 Sally King's Poinsettia

A great shoe for Christmas decorating or gifting!  What lady could resist such a shoe? :) 


BFC2180 Cats with LOTS of Attitude 1

The first in our series of Cats and Dogs with attitude is now available! They are on INTRO PRICING of 20% off and there is a free design for you to download.


Friday's Specials Corner

60% off these designs until 6/25/34 8 am


BFC32034 Lavender Fractal Flower

A graceful single for many purposes! You will receive 4 sizes when you purchase and also INTRO pricing. 


 Sally King's Walk on the Wild Side

BFC32033 Sally King's Walk on the Wild Side

I'm proud to announce we now have another of Sally's gorgeous shoes! 

INTRO PRICING and a free design for you to download. 



Look Back Corner

This corner starts at our beginnings in 2003 and moves forward!  You can find designs you might not have seen before :)  60% off all designs in our Corners! These continue where last week's left off. 



BFC2177 A Touch of Black and Gold Handbag

In the style of two of our most popular designs, BFC1270 A Touch of Red Handbag and our BFC1148 Wild Rose Handbag, you now have another option!  The tailored designs give a more modern touch and can go with anything.


BFC2176 Geometric Fractals

Fractals make fun designs.  They can be very complex or quite simple.  These are the simpler variety that you can stitch in any colors you like.  They of course would make a great quilt, but think also of placemats, the corners of tablecloth, or use them for pockets for a summer dress.  Free design to download on page! 


BFC2175 Cute Doggies

Fun designs for your pooch loving friends! Individual dogs will fit a 4x4" hoop.



BFC2173 Modern Greenery

A lot of the decorative touches you see are light and airy and have natural themes.  


BFC32029 Cockatiel Amongst the Leaves

Appropriate for the front of a shirt, a handbag or a pillow - even a wall picture!


BFC32030 Tree of Swirls

Two versions of our Swirly Tree.


BFC2171 Catitude Quilt

What can be more fun than a dozen cats in 4 different sizes! Make a quilt or use them for any kind of projects. 


CCQ5134 - Stained Glass Crumbs - 4x4/ 5x5 / 6x6 / 7x7/ 8x8 

A great set to have in your STASH!

60% OFF!!!! 


METSET-013 Metallic Thread Set

METSET-013 Metallic Thread Set

BFC32027  Metallic Steampunk Butterfly

BFC32027 Metallic Steampunk Butterfly



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