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The 12 Constellations   
The Babylonians had already divided the zodiac into 12 equal signs by 1500 BC — boasting similar constellation names to the ones familiar today, such as The Great Twins, The Lion, The Scales.  Most of the constellation names we know came from the ancient Middle Eastern, Greek, and Roman cultures.

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297 Colors in Thread Corner  
45% OFF 297 Colors!  
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Delight's Doorway, Tiled Designs  
Another version of Delight's Daydreams. I have done this dragon three ways - first, there is the set of  individual designs taken from the painting; next was the  commercial size to stitch out the whole painting in one hoop and finally by request, this choice -  the tiled designs to create the painting. We have been discussing this for about a week on my Facebook Group. The tiled designs are very easy. You stitch each one, then zigzag them together on your sewing machine. It can then be framed or finished with sashing, You can also not stitch the satin stitch border and just seam the designs together. 
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Steampunk Giraffe  
Giraffes have such cute faces! Extremely expressive. You can just see how proud this guy is of his new outfit.

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Large Venetian Gondolas  
Venice is the city of canals and for centuries the traditional method of transport was the Gondola. They also conjure up the magic of Romance and we could all use a bit of magic and romance. Ideal as a framed picture that when viewed we can momentarily step away from this world and enter a world of romance. 
New Single Design from Delight!
Delights Dragon from Doorway  
This is the Dragon from Delight's Doorway design. 
New Fantasy Design from Delight!
Delight's Doorway, Commercial Designs  
This is the commercial size set of Delight's Doorway. The whole design stitches in one hooping. There will also be a set of tiled designs to create the painting.  We have been discussing Delight's Artwork and the designs created from her art on my Facebook Group.   
New Fantasy Design from Delight!
Delight's Doorway, Individual Designs  
Delight's vision of a mushroom house complete with a dragon relaxing in the doorway.  I am doing this painting three ways like I did  Delight's Daydreams    - first, there is this set of individual designs taken from the painting; next will be a commercial size to stitch out the whole painting in one hoop, and finally, tiled designs to create the painting. We have been discussing this for about a week on my Facebook Group 

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