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Misty Blues and Gold
Graceful designs to use on clothing and home decor. I've separated and completed the just gold designs to make it easy to use them. They would be beautiful on non-plush towels, pillows - even as quilt blocks to mix with other designs. I used metallic gold thread for all the designs, but they will be equally pretty using a gold colored thread. And of course, there are all kinds of colors for the leaves! Summer bight greens, multi colored for autumn and dark greens for winter. ..
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20 machine embroidery design sets now in 
Steampunk-Hipster-Fractal Corner 
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Portuguese Azulejos Tiles Quilt Blocks
Instructions included to make these as Quilt in the hoop (QIH) or regular stitched designs. Azulejos Tiles are everywhere in Portugal. You can see them on churches and monasteries, to palaces, ordinary houses, park seats, fountains, shops, and train stations. Dating from the 13th century they were traditionally done in shades of blue After a while yellow and sometimes green were also added....
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Kitty's Valentines
These kitties look they are just waiting to get into trouble after sending their Valentines! LOL This is a FUNSET - get all three sizes for one low price.
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Girl Bunny Valentine
Boy Bunny Valentine
Be my Bunny Valentine.
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Bronko Billy Reaches for the Stars
Bronko Billy in Outline
Thread kit available 
This is the position I remember best about Bronk.  He was always looking up - at the ceiling, up the stairs, to the top shelf of the cat tree.  The photo I used to create this design was when he was sitting on my ironing board looking up at the skylight.  He would wait to see a bird fly by.  I was often afraid he would try to reach whatever he was seeing  :) PLEASE NOTE:  All proceeds from the sale of Bronk's designs will be donated to Kitty Angles - Looking for Heavenly Homes of NH and MA in memory of Bronko Billy.
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Light and Airy Fractals
Thread Kit Available
Fractals are fun designs that stitch quickly, allow you to use all kinds of colors and metallics and add some charm to any project. They are especially nice on clothing - the shoulder of a blouse, going up the leg of a pair of jeans or the largest size on the back of a jacket or vest.
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5 Colors machine embroidery thread now in Clearance
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