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Embroidery Designs by Chantell
65-christmas-thread_1.jpgHunter's Star
Hunter's Star is a traditional Quilt Block, done in appliqué. Using only two contrasting fabrics, it creates striking projects, whether you make a Tote, Pillow, Table Topper, or Quilt.

Embroidery Designs by Fred
65-christmas-thread_1.jpgLarge Eurasian Brown Bear On Black
It has been a long while since I have done a Bear. I have chosen a very dramatic yet also a bit tender profile. It would look wonderful as a framed picture or on the back of a black jacket. Please note the areas of black are fabric- black thread is not used in the design.

Embroidery Designs by Chantell
65-christmas-thread_1.jpgCriss Cross Quilt Squares
The Criss Cross Quilt Squares create wonderful patterns.  
A great set to use up some of that fabric stash.

Embroidery Designs by Suz
65-christmas-thread_1.jpgSteampunk in Shades of Teal
The shades of Teal soften the Steampunk look a little - perhaps for a blouse or a tote bag. But don't hesitate to try it in typical steampunk colors - gold, bronze, silver, rust. You will get a whole different look!

Embroidery Designs by Fred
65-christmas-thread_1.jpgThe Red Sun of Japan
Japan-The Land of the Rising Sun or more accurately where the Sun rises- austere and dignified- where very often what is not said or seen is just important as what is there.

Embroidery Designs by Chantell
65-christmas-thread_1.jpg Timeless Blackwork Floral Sets. Combine them with the 2 inch Zen Sashing set to make a variety of projects
CCQ0328 Zen 2 inch Sashing Set
CCQ0329 Blackwork  
CCQ0331 - Blackwork Set 2