In March of 2010 I came across Ching Chou's Artwork on eBay.  I was fascinated!  I love Fantasy, but what really attracted me to her work was her incredible use of color. It is very difficult to use so many bright colors without the art looking harsh.  I love to just look at her art.

Ching-Chou Kuik was born in 1979 at Pantai Remis, Perak, Malaysia . She lived in Malaysia, and moved to Taiwan at age of 19,where she earned her  Bachelor degree in Fine Arts (painting). While in Taipei, Ching-Chou enjoyed being an art teacher for young children from age three to twelve. The originality of the youngsters' pieces inspires her and brings enthusiasm and creativity to her works.

I met Ching Chou when she was living in Seattle, but she has returned to Taiwan with her husband and son and continued her Art classes for young children. 

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