About Our Thread

BFC Machine Poly Embroidery Thread

Advanced Trilobal Thread
Fiber Type: Polyester - Trilobal
Colorfast when washed
Fiber Size: 120D/2 (40wt.)

Shop carefully as all Poly thread is NOT created equal!
Embroidery enthusiasts are searching for Trilobal Poly Thread. Trilobal refers to the shape of the fibers that make up the thread. Standard poly fibers are round, but Trilobal fibers are like a three pointed star. This provides a lot more surface to reflect the light and result in thread that has a high sheen – often as much as rayon! It is also a stronger thread which means less thread breaks. Elongation (stretch) is also an important factor in choosing thread. Lower elongation percentages result in the reduction or elimination of puckering and looping problems. Lower elongation also allows you to decrease the tension on your machine. Some poly threads have a stretch factor up to 30%! Our new BFC poly Thread is made from Trilobal Poly fibers and has a very low elongation of 17%-20%

What is Polyester - Trilobal and why does it matter?
This is the standard cross section for most synthetic fibers. It has a minimum surface to volume ratio, but in most cases it is used simply because it is usually less expensive than modified cross sections.
A trilobal fiber gives a fiber rigidity and resilience, and the many reflecting surfaces are efficient at scattering light. The reflective surfaces enhances the sheen of the fiber.
BFC Polyester Thread is 2 ply which means it is made of two trilobal fibers twisted together that gives twice the reflective surfaces and increases strength. The image to the left shows a scanning electron microscope image of the cross sections of two ply trilobal thread.
Elongation (stretch) average of 17-20%. (competitors are often 20% - 30%)
Lower elongation
(stretch) levels result in the elimination, or significant reduction in looping and puckering problems.
A tighter range in elongation from spool to spool and color to color allows you to embroider different colors without making tension adjustments. Lower elongation also allows you to back off on tension right from the first stitch
A Snap Down base allows you to easily secure your thread for neater storage

BFC Machine Metallic Embroidery Thread
Metallic poly that shines on and off your machine
Fiber Type: Metallic Film, Poly Core
Package: 1000m/cone
Fiber Size: 120D/2 (40wt.)

Beautiful appearance as matching color of core yarn and metallic film.
It has a specialized finish applied to its surface in order to make it extra soft.
A soft finish reduces thread breaks which reduces downtime.
Less kinks than competitive metallic threads.
A Snap Down base allows you to easily secure your thread for neater storage