About BFC

Early in 2003 I purchased my first Embroidery Machine.  I was still very busy traveling with my computer consulting Business but I wanted to get back into crafts.  I really didn't get to try it until that summer.  My first design was a total disaster!  I had a pretty pink blanket and I chose a big bouquet of flowers from my machine.  It looked strange as it was stitching, but I thought it would be fine when all done.  Well, not being one to read manuals until absolutely necessary, I discovered you were supposed to use Stabilizer!  LOL  I had some time in July and started joining Yahoo groups.  Amazing the things you can do with these machines!  In August one of my groups had a digitizing contest.  Since I had put off learning to digitize, I figured this would force me to get started.  To my total delight I won the contest.  Now I was hooked.  In September I opened my own Yahoo group and started to give away the designs I was creating.  People started to encourage me to open a website. Rick, my other half, and I got together and created a simple website and it went live in November.  The years since then have been wonderful!  In February of 2004 I closed my computer Business of 12 years and concentrated totally on designs.  I want to thank all my customers for all their support and encouragement.

At the end of 2004 my son Fred returned to Rhode Island where I was living and tried digitizing.  He has added a superb realism to designs and also a great imagination. He later took over the warehouse and shipping when we added thread and other products and created BFC Stash.  Rick took over the website this same year. Since then Rick has taken over many tasks of the websites - webmaster, photographer, customer service for orders and many, many other things that always come along in a business!

My next quest was to find a reasonably priced Machine Embroidery thread that had lots of shades of colors.  I didn't care for the color choices in the major brands, but I  found Admelody thread.  It was perfect!  Great colors and very reasonably priced.  Then disaster struck and they stopped making Admelody!  I looked for a brand I was happy with and when I couldn't find one, I decided to have my own thread manufactured.  That was the start of BFC Stash since our simple Design website couldn't handle products, shipping, etc. 

 Over the years I wish we had started or changed to a different type of website.  But, we were all so busy I kept putting it off.  And websites were changing so much I wanted to make sure when we switched it would to one that could do everything we wanted.  Years passed and of course the task became more daunting.  In December of 2015 I made the decision that the time had come and I went searching for software.  We started implementing the beginning of January 2016.  Once we have everything we want on the new site, we will start offering new products and services.

Thank you everyone!

I can't forget to mention the BFC Bengal Boys!  They help in all kinds of tasks. 

First Duma has to check the inside of all projects

Then Bronko Billy has to do the final inspection

Then when they've done their work they turn things over to us and take a nap knowing their work has been well done.