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BFC0129 Nouveau Oriental
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BFC0129 Nouveau Oriental

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Art Nouveau is a fantastic Art Form and Oriental themes were often chosen. I have stitched out the sample designs in a very *Art Nouveau* color scheme - Light and Dark Green, Cream and Salmon Red with Accents in Gold Metallic. But you can change the look of these designs totally with different colors. I've included a few samples at the bottom of this page.

I also thought these designs would make a great *fabric bowl* and you can see my first attempt at a fabric bowl to the left and below.

14 designs each in 3 sizes (SML) (see below)

You will see some sample stitch outs done in different colors. You can see how different the effects are!

I think the Red, Black and White Cranes would look great on a white shirt. The White, Black and Gold Crane would be perfect for a black jacket. And how about a row of Blue and Purple cranes along the bottom of a towel or curtain? The fish become much more masculine when done in vibrant greens.


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After seeing these designs, I thought they would be perfect to use for one of the very popular fabric bowls. I used brown Dupioni silk on the inside of the bowl and a brocade for the outside. Don't look too close!!! Since this is my first bowl, I can see things I will do differently next time. But I thought it might give you some ideas.
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BFC129-01-03 -
 2.3" x 3.9" (58x99mm)
 3.4" x 5.9" (86x150mm)
 5.1" x 8.8" (130x224mm) 
BFC129-04-06 -
 2.3" x 3.9" (58x99mm)
 3.5" x 6.1" (89x155mm)
 5.1" x 8.8" (130x224mm)
BFC129-07-09 -
 2.9" x 3.9" (74x99mm)
 3.7" x 4.9" (94x124mm)
 4.7" x 6.2" (119x157mm) 
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BFC129-10-12 -
 2.0" x 3.9" (51x99mm)
 2.6" x 4.9" (66x124mm)
 3.2" x 6.2" (81x157mm) 
BFC129-13-15 -
 2.0" x 2.9" (51x74m)
 2.6" x 3.7" (66x94mm)
 3.2" x 4.6" (81x117mm) 
BFC129-16-18 -
 2.3" x 3.9" (58x99mm)
 3.7" x 6.3" (94x160mm)
 5.2" x 9.1" (132x231mm) 

All of our machine embroidery Bargain Basement designs will come in any or all of the following hoop sizes: (You will receive links to download all sizes available and all formats)
Small for 4 x 4 inch hoop, Medium  for 5 x 7 inch hoop, Large for 6 x 10 inch hoop, and Jumbo 8 x 12 inch hoop.

Each design description above will state the sizes the set comes in: S, M, L, J standing for Small, Medium, Large and Jumbo. These will be written SML, meaning Small, Medium and Large, or perhaps MLJ, meaning Medium Large and Jumbo, or even SMLJ meaning the set comes in all four hoop sizes


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Product questions

  • Het Farrington
    Dec 31, 2022, 09:31 AM

    Where do I get the bowl pattern please?

    Susan Makalinaw
    Dec 31, 2022, 09:41 AM

    Hi Heather - all the intructions for bowls are in the file that comes with your design links. Just download that and you see what you need.

  • Het Farrington
    Dec 31, 2022, 01:29 AM

    Is there a pattern for the bowl please?

    Susan Makalinaw
    Dec 31, 2022, 02:17 AM

    Hello Heather - the designs come with full isntructions.
    Thank you - Suz

  • sylvia taylor
    Apr 15, 2019, 10:16 AM

    hi i ordered nouveau oriental no sku bfco129 and it wont download can you help me thank you s taylor

    Susan Makalinaw
    Apr 15, 2019, 10:36 AM

    Hi Sylvia - How are you downloading it? Are you getting any error messages? the more info you can give me the better chance i can help :)
    Thank you - Suz

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